Chef Recommendation periode August - September 2013
    Stir Fried Chicken with Almond and Celery
Served with steamed riceGambareni Fra Diavolo

Sauted prawns with tomato sauce
Served with noodles and vegetables

Chicken Leg with Duxelle Stuffing
Served with potatoes, vegetables, and pepper cream sauce

Yasaitame Tei Shoku
Sauted sliced beef and vegetables served with steamed rice


  Sauted Beef with Tomato & Pepper in Black bean sauce
Served with steamed rice

Filleto Di Pesce Ai Pisilli
Braised fish fillet in tomato sauce and green peas served with boiled potatoes and vegetables

Chicken Provencal
Sauted chicken with tomato sauce, black olive and anchovies served with pasta and fresh vegetables

Oyi Jikai
Stir fried sliced beef and cucumber served with steamed rice


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