Q: What distinguishes Rancamaya Golf Estate from the others?
A: Rancamaya Golf Estate provides a comfortable lifestyle concept in the middle of a harmonious natural beauty, with amazing scenery: mountains, green golf course that stretches, as well as a comfortable atmosphere of the city of Bogor.

Rancamaya Golf Estate brings together the quality of life and prosperity; even acceptable as a 'paradise' for children. Rancamaya Golf Estate promises a comfortable living experience and international class.

Q: How far is the location Rancamaya Golf Estate from Jakarta?
A: In normal traffic conditions, location Rancamaya Golf Estate can be reached only within ± 45 minutes from Jakarta.

Q: How many different types of units are offered?
A: Rancamaya Golf Estate has a wide selection of housing types, which is divided into 3 clusters:


  1. Bogor Balcony Grande Cluster: available types 45 to 90 with prices starting at Rp295 million.
  2. Cluster Istana Bunga: available types 125 to 272, with prices starting at Rp750 million.
  3. Cluster The Golf View: available types of 163 to 268, with a starting price of Rp1, 6M.

Q: Is Rancamaya Golf Estate has a strategic education plan within the estate?
A: Rancamaya Golf Estate is very concerned about the education; because we realize that good education should be initiated and nurtured from an early age, for the sake of their physical and mental development in the future. To that end, we cooperate with the High Scope - educational institutions with international curriculum, has a proven quality and excellent in educational strategy.

Especially in Rancamaya Golf Estate, High Scope emphasis specifically on the activity and learning in the beauty of nature, so it is related directly with the atmosphere and beautiful environment of Rancamaya. The children will be able to learn many new things in a happy and cool surroundings.

Q: To purchase units in Rancamaya Golf Estate, mortgage facilities are available?
A: To facilitate those who wish to immediately enjoy a more comfortable dwelling, we also provide mortgage facilities with a wide selection of banks and payment package.

Q: Who is the bank's counterparty Rancamaya Golf Estate?
A: Almost all the leading banks in the country has become our partner  therefore, you do not have to feel doubt about it.

Hotline :
+62-251-824 2488